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We are almost at the very end of 2019, some of us are very excited about new year, maybe some of us are not yet ready for it. The thing is we can’t be negative or sulky all the time. Cheer yourself for this year, everything you asked for is on its way. New Year is always special to each and everyone of us.

2020 is the year of TRANSFORMATION, HEALING & SUCCESS. All you have do is believe in it and in our own self. These 20 questions will help you understand more of you and where are you right now, in your life. “Knowing our-self” should be the biggest goal in our lifetime. Answer every question with profound love of yours, detail everything to yourself. Write about this in your journal or else just go stand in front of your mirror and talk to yourself. Believe me, that is one best feeling ever.

  1. How was your 2019?
  2. List the number of goals you have accomplished in 2019?
  3. Which areas in your life needs extra focus and care?
  4. How do you feel about 2019? Was it good or great? It’s never bad you’ll always have something to be grateful for.
  5. What are the lessons 2019 taught you? [This is the major part of your success]
  6. Is there any incident that changed you in someway? A major habit/life shift.
  7. Do you want to forgive yourself for doing anything to you or others?
  8. What are the new habits you have nurtured in 2019?
  9. How many things have you been procrastinating throughout the year? [For me, its starting my blog; LOL; finally i did that]
  10. What are the things you are grateful for in 2019? [got 100+ to be grateful for, just go, say everything out aloud. It will feel so good and again it will make you feel so grateful for being grateful]
  11. Have you learnt something new in 2019? How did it make you feel?
  12. Did you took care of yourself properly or were you dwelling upon in your own soar thoughts?
  13. How do you feel about 2020? What kinda vibes and plans you have for this New Year?
  14. What is your theme for 2020?
  15. Are you ready with your 2020 goal list? [for goal ideas comment below, i would love to help]
  16. How are you going to upgrade yourself in 2020?
  17. What is your positive affirmation you want to hold onto, in 2020?
  18. Have you ever tried any thing that you are more scared of? Make sure you break it down, nothing is more scary than the unawareness.
  19. How are you feeling right now? Are you ready for 2020?
  20. Now, last but not the least, what is your present for this New Year to your new self?

” There is nothing more special like making time for our self and knowing our self more deeper and deeper. SELF LOVE is the best love, which is often unrequited. First fall in love with yourself and everything fall in line.”

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